A tool for improving brand content
This will make your product look more attractive

Timely updating of photo content increases the sale of goods
Умови завантаження
Download onditions
Photo size at least 1400 px (for the smaller part of the photo)
Maximum size of one picture: 400–600 kb
Maximum number of files: 10
Maximum file size: 30 MB
The product must be on a white background (#ffffff)
The maximum deviation from the product to the edge is not less than 36px
There should be no shadows in the photo, unless the shadow is native
Photo format: png, jpg
The file name must be - EAN of the product (example: 4605664000555.jpg)
Simplified data exchange
You get access to the Product catalog, which contains product information
Effective market promotion
Are you manufacturer?
Then get the opportunity to edit photo content and product descriptions for free anywhere, anytime
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